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John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Here are some projects I've worked on in 2009, but certainly not all of them!

Most of the projects require only moderate skills and experience. Whatever your abilities and interests, there are plenty of project ideas to get you started and keep you busy.

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Purse for Erika
This is a cute purse I made for my Granddaughter, Erika.

Dresses for Lauren
These dresses I made my Granddaughter, Lauren, are so cute! She looks darling in them!

Going Green
I made this reusable shopping bag and try to remember to bring it to the grocery store whenever I go. Every little bit helps!
Short Outfit for Lauren
Here's a cute outfit I made for my granddaughter, Lauren. The designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids.
Embroidered Socks
These socks were for a Sock Hop Swap, sponsored by Cookie Gaynor. The embroidery on the socks was made possible by using Cookie's Sock Easy tool, which can be found at Cookie's Creations. The designs are from Artistic Threadworks.
Luggage Tag
I made this luggage tag for Clay. The pattern is Cookie's brand new, in-the-hoop design and can be found at Cookie's Creations.
Planter Pincushion
This is a cute pincushion I made using a little flower pot. The design and pattern is from Zippy Designs.
AEC Apron Project
At the AEC, I attended a class on how to make nice apron. The class was taught by the fantabulous Cookie Gaynor .
AEC Pillowcase
At the AEC, I attended a class on how to make this beautiful pillowcase. The pattern / design is from Snowlady Designs.
AEC Purse
At the AEC, I attended a class on how to make this cute little purse. The pattern is from Pegboard Crafts.
Flower Decorated Jeans
At the AEC, I attended another class on how to make these flower decorated jeans. The design is from Hatched in Africa.
AEC 2009
Belinda Burger created this year's AEC logo design. I put it on a bag so I'd have a place for my "stuff" at the show. It sewed out great! Unfortunately, Belinda was unable to attend this year, because she and her husband were in the process of moving. As usual, the Pajama Party was a blast! The pictures (left to right) are Denise and Clay, our friends Jean and Larry (Clay too), and Quirky Kim with Clay.

Sweet Girl!!!
Nothing to do with sewing.... We just had to post a picture of our Molly. LOL. If you're curious, she's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Ice Cream Challenge
Nobbie Neez Kids created a challenge for the best use of an ice cream design set. My friend Jean and I collaborated on it and got Erika to model for us when she was here for spring break!
Erika's Spring Break Visit
My granddaughter came out to visit us in Arizona for Spring Break. She likes to play "restaurant" back home, so I made her this nifty play food and Clay helped her make a menu. The designs are from DigiStitches.

St. Patrick's Day Swap
I made these dishcloths and bag for a St. Patrick's Day Swap. Design on the green bag is from Julia's Needle.
Gifts for Erika
Here are some gifts for Erika, my granddaughter. Pillowcase design is from Nobbie Neez Kids.
Gifts for Baby Rion
These gifts are for our friends' new baby boy, Rion. All designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids, with the exception of the football, which is one of Clay's original designs.

Gifts for Baby Ella Rose
These gifts are for our friends' new baby girl, Ella Rose. Designs are from Nobbie Neez Kids. The RikRak design on the Burp Cloth is from Zippy Designs. The designs on the socks were made possible using the Sock Easy from Cookie's Creations.

Gift Idea
Here's a nice idea when you've made some gifts for someone. You can purchase designer boxes from Ross or TJ Maxx very inexpensively and use it for the gift box. No wrapping paper necessary!
Baby Blanket for Ella
I made this cute baby blanket for our friends' new baby girl. Design is from Nobbie Neez Kids.
St. Paddy's Day Birthday Gift
I made this birthday gift for my best friend's grandson.  His birthday just happens to be on St. Patrick's Day, so I thought this would be perfect! Design is from Nobbie Neez Kids.
Tablecloth for Neighbors
This tablecloth was a gift I made for our wonderful neighbors and friends. Their house has a wine theme, so I thought this would fit in perfectly. Designs by Anita Goodesign. Cloth from All About Blanks.
Swing Bag for Michelle
I made this swing bag as a birthday present for my granddaughter, Michelle. The pattern is called "Swing Bag" and is from Amy Butler.
Gift Towels for Artist
I made these dish towels as a special gift for the artist of Clay's redwork designs. She really loved them. If you're interested, the designs are from our Christmas collection and can be purchased at our store.
Bath Wrap for Michelle
I made this bath wrap for my granddaugther. Design is from Nobbie Neez Kids.
Special Order Bibs
Here is a sample of some of the special orders we get for bibs.

Winery Visit in Temecula, CA
This has nothing to do with sewing, but I thought I'd share this anyway. We visited a winery in Temecula with some friends of ours and noticed this dog sleeping in a peculiar way. Maybe he had a little too much wine! LOL

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